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Heart Centred
Governing Leaders

Use true hearts to hold strong lines

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Need to improve governance in your business?

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Need to improve
governance in your role?

Is this keeping you awake at night?

Are you a business owner or leader who puts your heart and soul into your work all day, every day, and can’t switch off at night?

If you’re one of those in-the-trenches, wear-all-hats, can’t-let-go types of leaders, your 9-to-5 workday is usually filled with solving problems, managing processes, people and operations. Then you lie awake at night worrying about what you missed that day or what needs to be fixed tomorrow.

Whether you’re a Chair, Board Member, CEO, executive, business owner or senior leader, sometimes just keeping ‘business as usual’ running smoothly is such a challenge that it can seem impossible to find the time and headspace to keep focus on your vision for the business.

But without that time to focus on what you’re doing now, as well as where you’re going, it’s common for business leaders like you to find that your corporate governance policies, processes and frameworks have gradually fallen by the wayside. Outdated, undocumented operations, ill-defined governing lines (policies and procedures all over the place, managers and team members with unclear accountabilities) have left you and the business vulnerable or unprepared for market or personnel changes, unforeseen risks or corporate audits.

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Why choose The Governance Collective?

We create decision making enviroments

Create the best intention enviroment

Everyone knows the game and how to play

We help you to set up defining lines

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Do you need to improve the governance in your role?

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Is this keeping you awake at night?

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Our Business Philosophy

A Step-Change in Leadership

Authenticity and Connection

We are about authentic and genuine interactions and building long term relationships.

Collective Success

We listen to our clients, learn about their needs and work with them to help them achieve their goals.

We are invested in our clients’ success. We succeed when our clients succeed.

We leverage our collective experiences and up-level the lives and businesses of our clients.


We co-create outcomes and mechanisms that position empathic, insightful leaders to steer themselves and their organisations towards their higher goals.

We help our clients align their mindsets and their behaviours to achieve their higher goals.

Heart Centred Decision-making

We create heart centred, transparent decision-making governance environments for our clients that enable them to lead at a higher level in the global arena.

Our Purpose

To passionately create transparent and effective decision-making environments for heart centred governing leaders.

Our Mission

To challenge current thinking patterns and strategically drive organisational performance to a higher level globally.

Our Vision

To enable heart centred governing leaders to leave a positive legacy that resonates across the globe.

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What our clients say

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Shenal Basnayake

Founder - Indigenous Solutions Australia

Having worked with Lisa, I can truly say that she is one dynamic, intelligent, professional and thoughtful individual. Above all she is passionate about making a difference and that’s what really makes her stand out. Her down to earth approach and the ability to have frank and fearless conversations is great, particularly when in difficult situations – great traits for a governance professional. Her knowledge of governance and ability to present in layman terms was well appreciated. She has helped me out personally during times of uncertainty and I am very grateful for the support she has given me.

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Chair – Finance, Risk & Audit committee, LLS

I have known Lisa since October 2016 at a time when LLS needed to improve its governance framework. Its risk oversight, audit and assurance functions were not adequate. An independent audit recommended 57 actions. Lisa and her team addressed these issues by introducing fundamental policies, developing frameworks and processes, ensuring they were stakeholder tested. Lisa delivered requirements in a way that brought the organisation’s stakeholders on the journey, embedding requirements into the culture and fundamentally changing the lens and priority of governance activities across the business. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa should another organisation have similar issues.

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Founder & Executive Director, Caruso’s Natural Health

As the founder and owner of a business that is scaling up its operations to deliver the next level of great products to our customers, I have found that we need to rely more heavily on effective governance policy and process for our internal business operations. I have found that Lisa provides exactly what we need. She provides advice, coaching and recommends and delivers a bespoke level of governance service that is right sized and effective in delivering the outcomes we desire. I have no hesitation in recommending The GovernanceCollective for any small to medium size business who are moving to the next level.

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