Governance Collective | Sydney

Hi, I’m Lisa Coletta

Founder and Managing Director of The Governance Collective Pty Ltd. Australia’s leading corporate governance organisation with a fresh approach.

After more than two decades as a corporate governance change leader in the private and public sector I recognised the need for a more holistic approach for small-medium businesses.

They need help to shape, drive and implement heart-centred and right-sized governance policy, frameworks and processes – aligning their people and enabling them to reach business goals faster.

Governance can make or break an organisation

Over the course of my career I’ve seen how critically
important great governance is for effective decision
making that leads to successful outcomes.

My team and I advise, coach, mentor, guide and provide thought leadership to Chairs, Boards, Committees, Managing Directors, Executives and governance professionals on how to enhance their personal effectiveness and mindsets, and implement heart-centred corporate governance at strategic and operational levels.

Extensive experience you can trust

I specialise in supporting large corporations, family-run businesses, not-for-profits and
associations. I have recently supported organisations to identify and deliver appropriate levels of governance policy and practices to enable the application and reinstatement of government

I hold a master’s degree in Management and a Post Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate
Governance from the Governance Institute. I am a graduate of the Governance Institute’s Effective Director Course and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Company Directors Intensive

I am also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching Practitioner, a Fellow of the
Governance Institute, a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and am a member of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

About The Governance Collective Pty Ltd

The Governance Collective Pty Ltd is a privately owned consultancy services and training company that supports individuals and organisation in delivering governance at best practice levels.

We are at the heart of governing leadership – that means everything we do and deliver aligns with heart-centred principles that balance power and authority so all stakeholders win. Find out more about our approach

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision
To enable heart centred governing leaders to leave a positive legacy that resonates across the globe.
Our Purpose
To passionately create transparent and effective decision-making environments for heart centred governing leaders.
Our Mission
To challenge current thinking patterns and strategically drive organisational performance to a higher level globally.

Our Philosophy

Authenticity and connection
We care about genuine interactions and building longterm relationships.
Collective success

We listen to our clients, learn about their needs and work with them to help them achieve their goals.

We are invested in our clients’ success. We succeed when our clients succeed.

We leverage our collective experiences and up-level the lives and businesses of our clients.


We co-create outcomes and mechanisms that position empathic, insightful leaders to steer themselves and their organisations towards their higher goals.

We help our clients align their mindsets and their behaviours to achieve their higher goals.

Heart Centred Decision making
We create heart centred, transparent decision-making environments utilising governance process outputs for our clients that enable them to lead at a higher level in the global arena.