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Are you sick of everyone running to you for every decision?

You know you need to change the way you lead but are resisting because you don’t want to give up your power and authority. What if I told you there was another way?

Found out how – book in for a free discovery session today.


You don’t know what you don’t know about your business

– and you may not know that great governance is the key to unlocking insights and perspectives that have you be more productive, make great decisions and have a dramatic impact on your bottom line


Your customers may be delighted, but you and I both know that behind the scenes your organisation isn’t running the way it should or could be.

Let’s talk about how we can help.


I have never had a leader admit that they don’t really know what governance is……

- yet when I ask them to show me what they have in place, they fail - they just don’t recognise that governance is the lifeblood of a great performing business.

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Are you sick of everyone running to you for every decision?

You know you need to change the way you lead but are resisting because you don’t want to give up your power and authority. What if I told you there was another way?

Found out how – book in for a free discovery session today.

Governance Support and Services for Heart - Centred Governing Leaders

Improve your organisation’s performance and culture, exceed shareholder expectations and
cement your legacy. We offer a fresh approach to this traditionally conservative function.

Corporate Governance

Is the right roles in the business defining, approving and holding lines of accountability©

We support you and the delivery of your governance needs at every level

We support you to position your organisation for success

Great governance is the secret foundation of an ethical and financially viable business. Using our Better Governance Framework©, we assess your organisations current rules, processes and frameworks and provide you meaningful feedback and recommendations to support your businesses objectives and manage risk.
  • Board Constitution
  • Board roles and Responsibilities defined in the Board Charter
  • Company Strategy
  • Board Performance Oversight/Evaluation
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Delegations of Authority Framework
    Board skillsets (Fiduciary Duties)
  • Board Decision making framework
  • Board operations
  • Conflict of Interests and Related Party Transaction Management
  • Board Secretariat Functions
  • Board Committee Oversight
  • Board Member Induction/Manual
  • Ethics & Values Framework
  • Policy & Procedure Framework
  • Executive Operations Governance Framework
  • Financial Management Framework
  • Fraud & Corruption Control Framework
  • Secondary Employment Framework
  • Procurement Framework
  • Business Plan & Performance Reporting
  • Occupational Health and Safety Framework
  • Employment/Recruitment Framework
  • Records Management Framework
  • Assurance Framework
  • Member Engagement & Communications Framework
  • Compliance Framework (incl Non compliance)
  • Gifts & Benefits Framework
  • Board Committee Convenorship
  • Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Our Better Practice Framework© assessment can provide you clarity on what areas of your business are performing and awareness of what things are getting in the way of your organisation reaching defined goals, awareness and educating team members on better governance practices so that the right knowledge and skills are in your business and alignment  of key processes and functions that will enable your organisation to grow. Find out more about our approach here.

Are you worried your business won’t survive in the current climate because you’re unequipped to manage the risk, complexity and uncertainty?

Let’s talk.


Bespoke governance consulting, workshop, coaching, training and keynote services that support you and your business.

Not sure which service you need?

Did you know?


of leaders surveyed believe that governance plays a critical part of their businesses success


of leaders either partially or do not have their governance processes set up to inform their decision making


of leaders do not feel equipped to make informed decisions using insights from their company’s governance processes

How much does corporate governance matter?

Corporate Governance in Uncertain Times INSEAD Conference: The Changing Face of Corporate Governance in the World

What Clients are Saying...
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"Lisa demonstrated passion, professionalism, and a wealth of expertise in governance and risk management. I would highly recommend Lisa to any business or professional looking to strengthen their corporate risk frameworks to deliver in line with strategic goals."

Lisa delivers a strong training, and you will walk away challenged and solution focused. Thanks Lisa!

Susana Qleibo, Administration Manager

"’Her depth of experience in the governance and risk field ensures she is always able to make relevant and practical recommendations."

Lisa is articulate, client-focused and always brings creative solutions to her client’s challenges.

Gary Gill, Head of Investigations

"Lisa is a highly skilled strategic operator and a pleasure to work alongside. "

She adds value to every project she supervises or where she is a team member. She is a systems thinker and fabulous coordinator and connector of moving parts. She is also a champion of integrity in business practices and therefore a great leadership role model.

Dr Attracta Lagan, Managing Values Pty Ltd

"’Lisa has an abundance of knowledge and experience to bring her course alive and give real-world examples. This allows her take topics that might otherwise we be tedious and unappealing and make them interesting and engaging."

She is willing to take the time to answer and questions and explain things to be applicable in your situation. If you are considering taking one of the courses that she teaches, I would strongly recommend.

Liz Reams, Client Services Coordinator

"Lisa provided me with the knowledge, skills and experience to which I am indebted for."

She is truly a world class governance leader who aspires to help Boards and C-Suites in implementing best practice frameworks, practices and process that are tailored and fit for purpose for an organisation irrespective of whether they are profit or not-for-profit. She has incredible drive and energy and I highly recommend Lisa to anyone wishing to move the dial on their governance maturity.

Zoheb Razvi, Group Company Secretary

"’Lisa is an accomplished Governance practitioner. My professional relationship spans over many years across both strategic and operational dynamics of stakeholder and business management. I highly recommend Lisa."

Julian Gaillard, Risk, Insurance & Company Secretary

"Lisa is a passionate corporate leader with a wealth of expertise in governance, risk management, policy and frameworks. Her passion is for coaching, guiding and providing leadership to boards, executive management and governance professionals in a way that is not only supportive BUT effective at a strategic and operational level."

Lisa will find the most efficient governance and policy structure for your company corporation or business. I highly recommend you engage with Lisa for a corporate health check and make sure you are ready for next!

Toni Lontis, Founder/Managing Director

"’If you're after someone who truly understands governance and places people at the centre, then look no further."

Lisa is an expert facilitator, skilled governance and leadership professional who goes the extra mile each and every time

Shenal Basnayake, Chief Executive Officer

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